Dear God,

Gods Warrior

Thank you for blessing me to see another day, I know that it’s not promised. I also know one day it will be my time but until then let’s work.

So much I feel I could complain about and ask why me God, but instead of why me, try me! God im built for this. I’m warrior not worrier, and I will continue to fight the battles of our enemies and less fortunate who can’t fight for themselves.

Black Lives Matter

I recently read a statistic there is more african american males incarcerated then on college campuses. We are close to being endangered species.

I can personally count on my hands how many friends & family I lost before 21. Troy Varnado, Nick Ball, Travious Floyd, Martez Harris and recently Juice WRLD, were my closest of friends and family rest in paradise.

Not to mention my family locked up where I could of been, but by your grace alone saved me from hell on earth and for that, I don’t complain but say thank you.

Beat the odds do numbers and remain humble. I have college degree and no felonies that statistic alone puts me in the 1% of african american men.

So no matter how stress or depressed, I am blessed!

This my season

It’s miracle season and I believe in miracles. I believe in you. All I need is faith size of mustard seed. You said “say to this mountain, move from here to there, and it will move. Nothing will be impossible.”

I know my best days are yet to come, so I will not pout but I will praise your name publicly, I don’t need to convince others. I know I’m a mess, but I will turn this mess into message and inspire the world through my writing & speaking by your grace alone Lord.

I had man tell me yesterday he was proud of me not because of my accomplishment but because he understand the life of young black man going legit.

It must of been you God because this man was a drunk. But what he said almost made me cry. You know what he said because you had to send him.

But for the people who may read this he said ” idk what you going through young man but dont stop you going win because you got God in your heart. I almost broke down in tears, he said the right thing at the right time that’s how I know big blessing on the way.

Delayed does not mean denied. God whatever you do don’t do it without me. Keeping my faith alive even if just as much as mustard seed.

Righteous people struggle

While everything is going wrong I’m still do right. I’m still follow the commandments, I’m still tithe, I’m still lift up your name Lord.

Even though I see people do wrong and get blessings, I will stay faithful to you word Lord because I know you and your word are the only thing that will last.

Everything is temporary. But you Lord are eternal! Thank you for your grace and mercy Lord.

Thank You!

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