Nothing is impossible for the man or woman with creative vision. He or she is the forerunner of civilization, the inspirer of individual achievement, the builder of empires. In todays soceity there is a place for every person who can render a useful service.

The man or woman with creative vision will recognize these facts and profit by them. Those without creative vision will overlook them and complain of a lack of opportunity.  Wherever you find prosperity and leadership, you will find the individual who has mastered the following qualities. 

1. Relaxation

A relaxed body is a powerful body; a relaxed mind likewise is a powerful mind. If you are to be a creative and receptive to new and bold ideas, then you must take time for these ideas to present themselves. Plan daily relaxation time; choose a favorite room or chair that will help set your mind at ease. As you learn to relax, you will receive “special instructions” (ideas that are handed to you through infinite intelligence) that will clear the path to your goals and objectives.

2. Visualization 

A composer thinks about music, an artist thinks about colors; a writer thinks about stories and words. If you will take one idea and visiualize and emotonalize it, you will be astounded by results.

3. Affirmation

Strong, authorative commands stated repeatedly will build new positive-habit patterns of thought. 

4. Take advantage of ideas as they come

Intuitive thoughts are fleeting, ephemeral, and transient. These thoughts run contrary to your habitual reasoning. Brief flashes of inspiration can occur without warning. Be prepared to record your ideas. Even during non-relaxing moments, a creative person one who’s has learned to listen with his “inner ear” makes a point of always having pad and pencil nearby. Many good ideas have been lost because of inability to transfer them to paper.

5. Evaluate your ideas

Once you have finished brainstorming, become selective. Decide which ideas are sound and implementable. You will realize that each idea breeds additional ideas. A few moments of introspection will foster enough possibilities to last a lifetime.

When you learn the secret of unlocking your inborn creativity, your mind will begin to function in a neutral, spontaneous manner. It will rid itself of any inhibitions, and effectiveness and energy will greatly increase. There are huge rewards to be gained by mastering the creative thought process.


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