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In today post we covering young black millionaire from YouTube Corey Pritchett Jr aka CJ So Smooth.

Carmen & Corey

You may also know him from Carmen & Corey a YouTube channel he shares with his wife with over 4 million subscribers. Where basically they share behind the scenes of their family relationship consisting of vacations, cheating and expensive lifestyle.

They currently have 1 son CJ but in a recent video in Aspen on Carmen birthday they made a surprised announcement of new baby on the way. Which is pretty exciting to see black happy Successful family.

Life Of Corey

Is how I personally ran across Corey and his channel as young black man pursuing success in America, there is only so many people to look at of examples and this man is one.

My 40 year old uncle actually shared one of his videos to me in Facebook messenger years ago, the things he was saying and the way he was living was captivating.

Nothing less than motivational and inspirational and from there I was hooked even though I’m couple years older I see myself in him and where I wanna be.

If someone got what you want and doing what you wanna do on a high level why not imitate or copy some of their style of what’s working and put your spin on it.

Money Good

One of my favorite songs out right now is by Corey called Money Good, I’m not sure if he is trying to get in the rap industry.

But I know good music and this shid hard, it goes crazy in the gym. You can check out the full video here.

Hot Wheels

This man personal channel is mainly about cars buying, fixing, flipling, selling and giving them away.

If you have not yet entered into the giveaway do that now he is giving to super cars away and just completed a giveaway of two other super cars.

The most incredible thing is how clever he is in giving them away by creating a raffle $25 to enter to win a Super car but think about it he has 1,000s of people entering the drawing.

He raffles them off gets the money by a basic car/truck flipped that bih into a super car document’s the process, drives the shid out of it then repeats the process.

The kid is genius so I wanted to personally give a shout out to him on our platform he is definitely motivating to us and why we started our YouTube journey.


It’s much more I could share about this man but I just wanted to pin point a few motivational stories of successful young black men.

That’s doing it right building a family and changing lives all from the comfort of his home doing what he loves to do and showing the people how they can do it to.

If he can do it you can do it give this man a subscribe and listen to the wisdom in his words. If your a YouTuber or wanna be this your sign go for it. Watch the magic happen.


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