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In today’s post, we’re covering rising star Emaree Winston 15 a 6’2 TE/DE from Calhoun, GA Friday night in the first round of the GHSA Playoffs, I gotta a chance to see him in action and the kid is a powerhouse.

I knew he was fire when he snatched a 20-yard pass from over the defender brought it down, then gain another 10+ yards after stiff-arming and running over 2 more defenders it was a game-changer.

After he tosses the ball to refs, all you hear from the student section chanting “He’s a freshman, He’s a freshman.”

The Beginning

The younging is family.

He started working with us at the A1 Nutrition Club which is the premier sports nutrition shop inside FireHouseGym we sell shakes/smoothies you could also purchase protein and other health supplements like a GNC store.

Midder originally started purchasing shakes for himself after workouts and seeing improvements in his performance and the taste of our great shakes. As a teen looking for some work in the summer it was a no-brainer to bring him on our sales team.

We started training to sell protein, make shakes, handle money and give customers A1 experience.

Fast learner and a great team player. The kid is a true playmaker he makes plays on and off the field, he would continue to have new customers come in and purchase $100 even $200 worth of supplements. If I was getting the base and commission this kid was making I would’ve too.

Calhoun Football

The Calhoun varsity football team won Friday’s home playoff game against Decatur (GA) by a score of 35-21. This game is part of the “2021 Georgia High School Football Playoff Brackets: GHSA – AAAAA” tournament. We’re looking forward to seeing what Emaree Winston and Calhoun Football will do.

Calhoun Football 2021

As they take on their next opponent Ware Gators in Waycross, GA on November 19th. With a solid team around him and some good coaches, a player like Emaree is a gang changer. The experience that he is getting as a freshman will be great preparation for his ladder years.

We haven’t seen a player like Emaree Winston sense Darick Rogers.

Class of 2025 TE/DE Emaree is ranked 34 in his class according to Max Prep a stud on both sides of the ball especially offense with his incredible catching ability and his teamwork willingness to make key blocks that change the game.

We had a tough time getting a hold of his stats this year but doesn’t matter, word of mouth is getting out about this kid his work ethic, and football talent. We’re excited to continue to follow his journey. Congrats on being named first-team all-region freshman year say a lot.


Class of 2025 is a ways away but it will be here before you know it. Coaches and recruits if you haven’t had a chance to see Emaree Winston play I suggest you tune in to the 2nd Round of GHSA Playoffs. This is the type of student-athlete you want on your team.

E at the end of the season tap in with me let’s get this schmoneyyyy.

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