If your anything like me being born in the 90’s where everything is quick, easy and readily available it makes us believe than we can do anything quick. Example instead of using the oven with just a few push of buttons on the microwave we can have a nice meal ready hot available in minutes. I believe being born at a time where we can get anything at a push of a button has tricked us.

In a world where we use to have 6 degrees of seperation meaning that the person we wanted to get in contact with was only 6 people away. With social media and platforms like Instagram we are now only 1 degree of separation, if that I believe that we can now go straight to the source. Some people want understand the power of social media and will call it BS, i’m here to tell you other wise as influencer in the marketing niche and utilizer of this method.

Just the other day I was able to reach out to a very prominent business man known as Dr. Farrah Gray you can find more about him here http://www.farrahgray.com through social media Instagram specifically I was able direct message him and he responded which was thrilling because you don’t really expect people like that to reply but that was a risk I was willing to take and it worked out. Now Dr. Gray and I now have a business partnership where we will be helping each other expand through our networks to receive more brand exposure.

We also have products & services like Air B&B, Uber etc. That gives us immediate satisfaction by filling a need just from the touch of a finger to our phones that will have us a ride available in minutes or place to stay. I can now say that the world is more youth driven.

With social media it makes the world more youth driven because we control the market place, what do I mean by that? Instead of living in multi-million dollar homes or driving exotic cars to reach a status or to feel that status. We’ve now found a way to feel that void by utilizing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and Linked-in. We can get the same feeling of status just by updating a post and getting engagement such as likes, comments, endorsement, subscribers and build a following of large numbers to also have that status it’s amazing you no longer need lots of money.

However, building a business, brand or anything worth wild takes time. It’s going to be hard work, long nights and your going have to be able to do whatever it takes. As marketing consultant I’m always looking for new ways to innovate and hack culture. I believe I found a way to speed up the success of your business and brand by leveraging social media and you network and I call this “engagement teams”.

Basically what we will be doing is I will create an elite group of people who has a passion and or purpose bring us into a online group. Basicallly anytime anyone of us post we will all go show that persons post support by engaging with likes, comments and shares on that post. Which will boost them up and when it’s your turn we will be willing to do the same for you. If this sound like something you’ll be interested in leave a comment on this post or email my PR team at info@jalenhamilton.com.

We will be sure to help your brand reach it goals in half the time. Thank you for reading my blog be sure to opt in on contact form below for updates, trends, hacks, ground breaking strategies to grow a successful business and brand. Much love and I wish you much Success!

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