Good day millionaires.

In today’s article, I wanna get you up to speed. It’s been a while if your new to this blog we’re all about Inspiration. To my loyal readers, I’m back and better than ever, finally in great space to bring you consistent creative content.

Our last post was in November 2020 since then we made some incredible growth in life but also overcame many challenges. We open up our 2nd location, through our first epic event, published in many news articles, blogs, and more.

We can’t forget about the challenges that we faced not only myself but the whole world has been impacted by this COVID19, falling behind on child support is just a few challenges we been facing.

Turn crisis to opportunity.

Thriving In Pandemic

Is COVID19 real of course but God is realer! I believe that’s why our company brand has not only survived but thrived during this pandemic. We were able to double our income and open a second establishment.

We collab with Fire House Gym to open the A1 Nutrition Club inside the gym a smoothie bar serving the greatest herbal nutrition in the world. We also carry a whole line of supplements that can be purchased for energy, weight loss, protein, and more.

Momentum Creator

We have been so focused on creating momentum at this new location that we’ve neglected our other passions like writing, podcasting and storytelling is an easy task that can become hard to do.
Herbalife Event by Jalen W/ The Protein

Throwing an event is hard and I’m excited that we accomplish this feat in our business but we can’t stop now we’re going to put the pedal to the metal and see where we can take this new opportunity.
Herbalife Event by Jalen w/ The Protein

We will do another event on February 27th please follow and support our movement. You can subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss an article or you can shop our product line at A1 Nutrition.

They watch News, We make News

A1 Nutrition makes news.

Due to the recent successes over the last few months, many blogs and news outlet has shared our story and we’re incredibly grateful.

It was first picked up by our alma mater Georgia Northwestern Technical College then later other leading platforms picked it up like Calhoun Times, Marietta Daily Journal, NewsBreak, and many more.

Also Fit News did a well written article on us, it’s great that we’re finally getting noticed but we want rest now. We about to turn up that volume.

Fit News Collage

Overcome on the spot

Briefly shared some of ours success stories on this journey, but what’s success without the failures or learning experiences.

From failed business ideas, child support, failed relationships to self-doubt and worldly issues you have to be able to overcome on the spot especially as a man. Everybody is after your mind and if you don’t control it someone will.

Your mind accepts whatever ideas you feed it and bring it into your experience, that’s why it’s important to think positive thoughts, feelings, so that you manifest what you want.

In life, I believe that our toughest battle not managing others but ourselves, I’m truly starting to believe that everything is on You.

And if you’re reading this you have the opportunity in front of you every day, what are you going to do with it. This Year my word of the year is Opportunity.

An Opportunity is your best opening to add value to people in ways that best align with who you are and most energize your spirit. Opportunities are found in your greatest opening to give not your greatest chance to get.


Every day feed your mind the right ideas, and your mind will lead you to the ways and means of manifesting those good ideas in your experience.

All the successes I speak of above are nothing more than thoughts I believed and acted upon, which produced my results today. The only thing just wishes I believe bigger, stronger, sooner.

Dream Big Dreams small dreams have no magic.

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