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Micro Influence

Yesterday I was in Walmart and for the first time ever I had someone approach me asking if I was the Millionaire Brand from Twitter.

Perplexed I reach my hand out to introduce myself; as the fan continue to speak thanking me for the daily inspiration, telling our tweets helps him stay motivated.

Then we proceed with conversation as he mention I had recently followed him back. After a brief two minutes go by we conclude our greetings and I’m walking out store.

Feeling ecstatic because my dreams are becoming reality. I’ve always had a passion for making my projects popular and twitter is definitely one of my favorite projects and social media platforms.

Don’t get me twisted I still much rather be rich then famous. But if social media presence can get my work more clout and bring more riches then run it up.


Intro To Twitter

Twitter is tool a social media channel that you can use a lot per day. For example you can tweet 20 times, without followers losing interest. Try that on instagram, facebook or youtube and your guarantee to lose followers.

It’s impossible to post to much on twitter, it’s also great for experiments for example my most viral tweets, I use them as captions on instagram or just post screenshots of tweets on other platforms and it goes viral again.

Twitter is also great for testing new ideas and getting volume out. Many celebrities listen to their fans on twitter; Also a favorable platform for writers.

Anybody you mention they will see your tweets it’s so easy to communicate with your favorite people. Unlike instagram or facebook you can reach out but nine times out of ten they want see it or respond.

I believe I crack the twitter code because I’m having my way on the platform, so much I can say but ill end this with 5 actionable steps for twitter growth.

5 Tips for twitter growth


1. Niche find a few topics 2 or 3 that you are passionate about and can produce quality tweets. Target people who will agree with your message and connect with TOP Dogs in that niche.

2. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet it’s hard to win the lotto if you never buy a ticket. Meaning nobody will see your tweets if there are no tweets to see. Stay consistent and on topic see tip 1.

3. Hashtags are great in the beginning when getting started to let people know what your about and staying consistent and having that branded hashtag will definitely help you stand out in your desired community. It takes average of 7 impression to be notice or remembered.

4. Community is key. There is community for anything your are passionate about listen to they want to hear then respond with value. Education, empowerment or entertainment.

5. Support groups are TOP Dogs in your niche or community who supports you, this step comes after building some credbility for yourself. After building some traction bigger accounts will reach out and invite you into there secret society. This blows your account up fast. You could also start your own it’s always win win.


In this article I share how my twitter fans notice me in public. How I obtain my first 10,000 followers. And became a micro-influence with the fastest growing motivational account on twitter.

Follow @iamjhco Daily Motivation for Success & Prosperity. Stay tuned for our twitter ebook and course coming 2020.

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