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The Big Baller Brand is American company that designs and sells clothing and shoes. Launched in 2016 by media personality Lavar Ball, its most notably produced signature shoe for ball brothers. Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers, and LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball of the Los Angeles Ballers.

However, I was introduced to Big Baller Brand through Melo the youngest brother who scored 92 points in high school basketball game. The rest was history I’ve been a supporter ever sense. From visiting the JBA game to rocking the merch.


Big Baller Brand has additionally been involved in the creation of the Junior Basketball Association (JBA) alternative to the National Collegiate Athletic Association allowing high school and junior college players to immediately play professionally.

Which is why I titled this article Big Baller Brand changing the game in every way, because they are literally changing it in more ways then one.

First by starting alternative developing league like the NCAA except the players get paid. Secondly they change the game, oldest son Lonzo Ball who’s also owner of JBALeague gets drafted #2 to LA Lakers and start season with his own signature shoe the ZO2. After turning down million dollar endorsements from brands like Nike and Adidas.

Lonzo Ball

The oldest Ball brothers who is paving the way for Big Baller Brand. Is a force to be reckon with as a starter for the Los Angeles Lakers and there #2 draft pick last year. Lonzo has been topic of discussion of late from his unorthodox jump shot, to his $495 sneakers. To having the best player in the world join his team in LA yes Lebron James.

Lonzo new shoes the ZO2 which launched at price pointe of $495 they are no longer the same price as rent. As of  late price has been slashed now only $200 for pair of ZO2. The only player in the game with a signature shoe done independently. This is example of how BBB changing the game.πŸ€

As I write this article research tells me that today is his birthday Oct 27, 1997. Happy Birthday Lonzo! The 21 year old is doing big things on and off the court with his music having +100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. My favorite song by ZO has to be “Get Off”  when I hit the gym that song motivates the pump.

It’s going be tough season for the young protege but a good one. Now that Lebron James has joined him in L.A. all the pressure want be on his shoulders as #2 draft pick. Many calling him a bust but I believe ZO has what it takes to be quality player in the NBA. I believe he’ll even help bring L.A championship.

All ZO needs to do is stay focused but it may be hard with his new baby girl Zoey. And his Ex girlfriend Denise trolling and allegedly asking $30,000/month in child support. I want dig that deep because we only cover facts and personal opinions. We could go on about Lonzo but wait!!!! There is two more brothers.

LiAngelo Ball

The middle brother Gelo has always been in the shadow of oldest brother Lonzo. Though he is great player he has not got the same publicity as ZO or Melo. After Chino Hills he committed to UCLA but during off season in China Gelo was caught shoplifting pair of Louis Vuitton sun glasses.

It’s been tough climb for him after getting suspended from UCLA Bruins. Not knowing how long his suspension will be he withdrew. His dad Lavar Ball took him and younger bro Melo overseas to play professionally. For Lithiuania Vytautas and unknown team was put on map by Big Baller Brand.

According to journalist and reporters who lived in Lithuania and followed the Ball brothers extensively. Saying that in the three months they were there. It was very exciting because Melo who was making a lot of noise in U.S. didn’t have the same impact in professional league like in high school.

The Underrated Gelo actually performed well and held his own in the league. Who is three years older and much mature he really showed he can play professionally. However, professional in U.S. and professional in Lithuania is very different skill levels.

Currently playing for JBA league where he led his team to Championship and won, named MVP! They are playing internationally with the USA team holding its on against these professionally foreign teams. Gelo must continue to stand out in a big way if he want his name to be mentioned with the upcoming NBA draft class.

Posted above is highlights of Gelo 72 point game after declaring for NBA Draft. Take a look let me know y’all thoughts on Gelo is he NBA ready?

LaMelo Ball

Melo Ball the first person who introduced me to Ball brothers through his 92 point game. That went viral, yes he scored in unorthodox ways but that doesn’t stop the show. Melo Ball who is only 17 and been playing professionally sense 16 has been the topic of discussion.

According to reporters who followed the Ball family closely in Lithuania. Noted that they were excited to see Melo play, but they wasn’t astonish as they thought, he still needed some development though he is great player. He didn’t stand out amongst professional athletes.

After Lavar pulled him from Chino Hills high-school  and signed him to play professionally in Lithuania. Which is great idea because he will develop as better player, playing up in skill level. But he wouldn’t get the same notoriety as his high school counterparts in the US.

With Melo being young and worldwide exposure from playing in Lithuania to traveling international for JBA USA team the kid has potential. With the release of his new signature shoe the MB1. Melo has blazed his on path as rising star but can he continue and get back on path to the draft.

After playing pro he gave up his eligibility to pay collegiately in the U.S so to actually see where he compares to his draft class is tough. I do believe Melo is NBA caliber but do the NBA scouts, agents and owners see that.

We could go on about the ball family but we want. Ill just end the story with this thank you Lavar Ball for one showing us what a great father is like. The BBB brand is more than just sports wear and basketball. It’s innovations, sportsmanship, possibility is what it means to me. 

Lavar when you see this just know as long as you keep doing what your doing I will continue to support and be a brand ambassador for BBB and your JBA League. 

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