Good Day Gang!

Thank God for allowing me to see another day because it’s not promised. I haven’t had a chance to write lately, well that’s a lie I’ve had plenty of chances to write but laziness, procrastination and not knowing what to write about has slowed us down but we’re back.

Happy Birthday Avaleigh

I wanna give a shout-out to my middle daughter Avaleigh who turns 7 today. She is growing up so fast, yesterday we had a chance to eat Mexican food and go to the parade to celebrate her birthday. It was fun and exciting times, it’s been a long journey but we’re finally making it (getting along).

Ava is a smart beautiful and athletic young lady she loves gymnastics and playing basketball. She can be sneaky at times but aren’t all kids? Ava does great in school and is always one of the teacher’s favorite students, thanks for allowing me to be your dad.

Calhoun Football

Today Calhoun plays for a chance to win the state championship so I want to send some love and positive energy for the boys and my little cousin Emaree Winston who has been a silent but deadly force for the Calhoun Yellow Jackets as they head south to take on the Warner Robins today at 3:30. Good luck Jackets!

As a teacher at the elementary school its a blessing to not only graduate but to give back to a school of excellence and to help guide the future Jackets in the rite direction its great day to be a Yellow Jacket.

Back 2 Work

I’m currently at the gym inside my protein shop writing this up, as an entrepreneur and one who wants to be wealthy there are no off days or playtime until you reach your target. And to be completely honest we are nowhere near our targets. Like Rihanna say “work work work work work” that’s all I know right now.

But it’s not your usual work 9 to 5 we entrepreneurs we make money with our ideas, like this blog or the new YouTube course I just came out with. A step-by-step guide to starting making money on YouTube get it here now.

I’ve been building systems aka planting seeds for the last couple of years, I’m ready to pick the garden aka reap those benefits. The only thing is the marketplace and the universe decide when they are ready for your garden to grow all we can do is sit back and make sure our part is done and let God handle the rest.


Put God first and You shall never be last.

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