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Good Day Gang!

You already know it’s JHCO. here to bring you satisfaction and a whole lotta action in today’s post we Pushin P. What is P? P is performing, principles, persistence.

Pushing P

It’s a song out right now by Gunna that’s setting the world on fire and mainly speaking on pimping and being a player, but not the ones that just chase pussy but the ones who are performing making money, living by principles and not by feelings and being persistent until reaching the goal.


Performing is meeting your goal your target your aim for the day that’s P. No matter what you do or how you do it as long as you are performing and not procrastinating you Pushing P.

Principles, P’s live by principles were not easily influenced by the world or the masses we think for ourselves and we follow the most high. We stand for something so we don’t fall for anything, principles can vary but whatever yours are you stand by them and dont bend them for nobody that’s P.

Persistence is P not giving up in the face of adversity that’s P. Working on your mission that’s P. How do you complete the mission, simply ensure each step take you toward your goals. There will be many turns along the way, it will be easy to get lost on attractive bypaths that lead nowhere.

That’s why persistence, until you succeed, is P no matter what you look like, what you wear or what you drive or living conditions don’t define how you live your life does and we living in a way that’s P.


I need you to turn on Gunna Pushing P right now and get after it whatever goals you have today keep god 1st, stay prayed up, perform, persist, and don’t change your principles for anyone that’s P so today go out and Push P!

Let’s Go!

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