Good day Millionaires!

I hope anyone who reads this finds inspiration in my writings. Today i’m going tell you a story about the chicken and the eagle.

There was an eagle who lost an egg one day, and as fate would have, the tiny eagle egg was found by a hen. She took the egg home to the chicken coop and sat on it with all the loving patience as a mother.

A few weeks later the egg was hatched, and out stepped a tiny eagle. The tiny bird had eagle history, eagle genes, eagle chromosomes, eagle power and eagle potential. But because he was born into a chicken environment, he grew up thinking he was a chicken.

He grew up dreaming chicken dreams and thinking chicken thoughts and playing chicken games and entertaining chicken ambitions. In fact, he was even made to feel ashamed because of his eagle features. See even though he didn’t know who he was the other birds in barnyard did.

The chicken students would meet up together and say “we’ve got to keep this bird thinking that he’s a chicken, because if he ever find out he is a eagle he will rule over us.”

As result, the little bird became ashamed of his eagle heritage and eagle features. The other birds made fun of his mighty eagle beak, because they had little thin, narrow, weak chicken beaks. They also made fun of his mighty eagle talons, because they had tiny scrawny chicken feet.

And he became ashamed of the richness of his deep, dark eagle feathers. At one point in his life, he even considered cosmetic surgery. He thought about cutting off half of his eagle beak and he thought about dying his dark eagle feathers, so he could look more like chickens.

Ironically his greatest ambition in life was to one day hop, skip, and jump upon the fence post to cockle-doodle-do at daybreak like the rooster.

But one day, when this confused bird was playing in the barnyard, he saw the deep dark contours of a mighty shadow swim across the ground. For the first time in his life, this little lost bird looked higher than the fence post, higher than the tree line, and saw the remarkable sight of an adult eagle in full flight, with all of its majesty, grace and power. The little lost bird was transfixed. He said to himself, “Wow! I sure wish I could be like that.”

The adult eagle perplexed swoop down from stratospheric heights to the little lost bird and said “Boy, you aint no chicken. You’re an eagle! Your mighty talons were not meant to rake and scrape on the ground for worms and feed, but to snatch the side of yonder mountain of achievement.

“Boy,” he repeated “you aint no chicken. You’re an eagle! Your eagle eye was not meant to be limited to the narrow confines of the barnyard but to seek out the distant horizon of your own unfulfilled potential, and spread your wings as you catch the lofty winds of your immeasurable genius.

You aint no chicken, You’re an eagle!

Comment below are you a eagle or chicken?

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