Jalen Hamilton | About
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Learn about our history and work

Jalen Hamilton is marketing consultant, motivational speaker and athlete. Business-Athlete to be exact, term he created to describe himself when people ask what he does he helps builds businesses, brands and trains with professional athletes.

Jalen developed his entrepreneurial spirits through hard-knocks of life but after learning from his mistakes he has now turned his mess into a message and ready to inspire the world through it. With a degree in marketing, 5+ years experience in direct selling, network marketing, personal branding and social media marketing.

Jalen has solitified himself as a marketing influencer from making thousands on Instagram to having the creative vision to hack culture & spot trends from around the corner. He has a passion for marketing and helping his clients gain new customers, through brand story telling and implementing ground breaking marketing strategies.

When he’s not working on his business or craft you can find Jalen inspiring the youth at the Boys & Girls Club of America or enjoying fun time with family.

We could go on forever about this guy just be sure to enjoy the content and like, comment and share anything that resonates with you.

Jalen Marketing Agency was created out of passion for the marketing niche. The love for helping others. Our goal is to help small businesses and brands increase revenue and followings by leveraging their social media platforms & brand story. We show them how to document and not create because consumer loves brands and stories. We’ll show them how to create compelling stories and congruency across all platforms to bolster their brand and business success.