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You already know it’s JHCO. here to bring you satisfaction and a whole lotta action. In today’s post, I don’t have no fancy stories or quotes or none of that Shid. Just wanted to promote my fit camp every Saturday at 11 am at Fire House Gym in Calhoun, GA.

A1 Fitness Camp


You can experience the event by purchasing your ticket here. On May 8th I started doing this every Saturday for the rest of the summer basically the end of July. The reason is yes I have a successful protein business making shakes and selling supplements. But I’m not satisfied any longer there is something deep in me telling me to be more and do more.

I’ve always wanted to host a large group fitness class but have always been afraid of failure until now. Realize you only live once and if I don’t do it now I may miss my opportunity. Before I die I wanna make sure there is no stone left unturned.

I say all that to say this go for it believe in yourself who cares if I had two events and only one person showed up. Just keep showing up yourself even if you fail 9 times on that 10th time it will be a massive success and this is what I believe anything is possible with God.


So if you reading this here is your sign to go for it jump don’t be scared because magic happens when you go for it. See you at Fit Camp this Saturday at 11 am FireHouseGym Calhoun, GA. It’s up and it’s stuck.

Get your tickets here. No ticket no wristband means you can’t get in back it up, back it up back it up. As my daughters would say. Peace & love be Great!

A1 Fitness Camp
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