You must posses dreams and visions if you really desire to do anything in a big way. Nothing is impossible for the man or woman with creative vision.

He or she is the forerunner of civilization the inspire of individual achievement, the builder of empires.

The man or woman with creative vision will recognize these facts and profit by them. Those without creative vision will overlook them and complain of lack of opportunity.

Wherever you find prosperity and leadership you find individual who’s mastered the following qualities.

7 Keys

Start early, 5:00 am morning is the best time to tap into the creative vision. No disruptions, builds discipline, peace and quiet, good time to exercise, watch sunrise, builds momentum for the day, gives mental edge over other people.

Freedom from fear, God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear. You can have faith or you can have fear but you can’t have both if you desire to do anything in a big way choose faith.

Self Improvement, Focus on developing your weaknesses and honing your strengths to become more developed individual. Study the greats, invest in yourself, listen to podcast and read blogs like this one, attend seminars. Keep Get’n Better!

Dream Big, don’t limit your imagination begin to dream not as things are, but as they could be, that we free ourselves of all self imposed limitations. When you recognize the hidden talents that lie dormant with in you, you’ll understand that we have the power to reach any goal.

Infinite Intelligence, is likened to the creative power which directs and governs the universe. This power has commonly been referred to as The Universe Mind, The Great Unseen, The Divine Mind, and by more orthodox religionists as God. God created man in his image (imagination) and likeness, with you being a child of God you have the same power if you can use your (imagination). Infinite Intelligence is capable of goal oriented motivation and will release ideas for goal attainment.

Take advantage of ideas as they come, intuitive thoughts are fleeting, ephemeral and transient. Thoughts run contrary to your habitual reasoning. Brief flashes of inspiration can occur without warning. Be prepared to record your ideas, and having pen and pad available. Many great ideas have been lost or wasted because of inability to transfer them to paper.

Limitless, according to your faith so it be unto you. You must become that which you say you are, therefore boldly declare what you want from life and she will surely give it too you. Don’t ask how just declare and get into action.


When you learn and apply the keys of unlocking your creative genius, your mind will begin to function in natural spontaneous manner. It will rid itself of any inhibitions, and effectiveness and energy will greatly increase. There are huge rewards when you unlock your creative genius.

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