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If your not familiar with Tekashi 69 he’s American rapper arguably one of the hottest artist out. Known for his unconditional appearance, controversial behavior and brute force screaming technique in his songs.

Trolling is all apart of his marketing and why he is successful. At 22 he’s currently has 5 songs on Top Billboard 100. Growing up in the golden era of Social-media and Soundcloud rappers. Your chances to blow increase exponentially only if your marketing and promotion is great!

Trolling the new marketing…πŸ€”

What is trolling or a troll?

According to wikipedia a troll is someone who starts quarrels and upsets people on the Internet with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses whether for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.

Example of 69 trolling…

69 performs #STOOPIDChallenge

Tekashi latest hit single #STOOPID he created a dance to go with it and challenging everyone to do it. How genius is that? To have everyone playing your music, doing your dance and sharing their video to there social network. Challenging them to do it and share to there networks is sure to start a viral trend.

Basically if you want clout in 2018 you need to be trolling. If your not trolling then you are sure to fail. Idk if you notice but this article is form of trolling because I’m using a troll to troll! πŸ™ƒ

To learn more about 69 check out the article I found when I was doing my research a lot of interesting facts. 


Tekashi 69 Update

As I update this blog on 69 it’s not looking good for your boy. All this trolling has came back to bite him in the ass.

Recently he was arrested on racketeering charges with his blood gang and treway. However; that’s not the worse part, he snitched on all his co-defendants.

Yes after committing dirt with the gang and finally get caught. He couldn’t stand the fire and snitched on all his so called friends.

They have now been convicted and everyone is waiting to find out what will happen with Tekashi 69.

Everyone know snitches get stitches, but to avoid 69 has been granted protective custody, where he can get his tattoos removed, his family new legal identities and host of group government services if he complies.

10 Million Dollar Deal

It gets better for 69 according to inside sources he has been offered a 10 million dollar deal from prison. Yes this man is behind bars as we speak however still has the media and music industry going crazy.

Which is why labels are offering this young man millions, it doesn’t matter that he snitched to his fans they still love him. Therefore if all works out in Tekashi favor he can come home and do shows.

There will be some people with a hit out on his head but he could go overseas and make more millions and don’t have to perform one song in the U.S. and be straight.

Right now Tekashi 69 fate is up in the air I bet he’s in there contemplating if all this was worth it to get to the top. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

I will continue to follow the story and keep you all updated.

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