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You already know it’s JHCO. here to bring you satisfaction and a whole lot of action.

In today’s post, I have a challenge for you, if accepted comment challenge is accepted below.

If not then keep it moving but the only way to hold you accountable is physically commenting below so I know you tapped in.

Change Your Life In 60 Days

I dare you to dedicate the next 60 days to building your craft. Literally, put your fucking head down and have tunnel vision. Work so hard that you have friends/family questioning your sanity. Cut off all negative distractions that don’t involve perfecting your craft.

Fuck partying for 60 days. Fuck celebrating Fridays like it’s an accomplishment to reach the end of the week (If your promoter obviously this doesn’t pertain to you). Fuck being tired all the time and making fucking excuses. If you got a job, fuck getting off work and sitting on your ass and watching Netflix just to get up the next day to do the same exact shit.

I’m just asking for 60 fucking days to come home from work and dedicate your time to your craft/empire. Start that fucking business, Start that blog, Start your fitness journey, Start studying/obsessing over your goals and dream.

For 60 days quit treating your craft like a fucking hobby and start treating it like a vehicle to change your fucking life forever. For 60 days quit complaining and posting negative shit and post shit that you want to attract into your life. For 90 days quit trying to impress people you don’t give a fuck about and start impressing your damn self.

For 60 fucking days become your biggest fucking fan and cheer yourself on. For 60 days focus on where your going and not where you are currently. For 60 fucking days create habits that mold you into that person you want to be. For 60 fucking days put yourself in uncomfortable positions that are going to force you to grow.

All I’m asking is for 60 fucking days dedicated to bettering yourself and putting yourself first. For 60 fucking days believe in your fucking self and believe you are the shit. For 60 fucking days be so confident in yourself that people just want to be around your energy!

In 90 fucking days watch how many opportunities present themselves. All I’m asking for is 60 days from you, is that too much to ask?

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