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In today’s post we talking about the importance of YouTube and five ways to grow a YouTube channel. These are the tips and strategies I used to grow my channel and if you follow my lead you will have a successful channel as well.

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1. When building a channel be sure to Build your audience around one keyword or topic. This will be something you are passionate about and everyone else who’s passionate about that will be a part of your tribe your community.

Because they know your channel is the go to place to be educated or entertained. That’s why imperative to choose one idea, topic or keyword and stick to it no matter what.

2. Be consistent with your content. I cannot stress this enough consistency is key in anything we do but especially YouTube. Where the algorithm favors the people who upload the most and consistent with the content they upload.

And your tribe will appreciate you more for always having new fresh content available for them to engage with.

3. This leads us to third way of growing a channel, Engage with your audience for this shows that you really care about your tribe.

And the more you engage with them the more they will engage with you, which will in turn grow your your channel and favoritism with YouTube algorithm and your audience.

Plus the more engagement tells YouTube this is important channel so the algorithm will favor it and notify and recommend to more people.

4. Get Branded branding is the art of differentiate yourself from others. Which allow you to stand out to others and your audience.

For example you upload a new video and you have a unique thumbnail that you use often they’ll recognize it immediately and click through.

5. Promote your Youtube video on other social media channels. This will get you a lot of new eyeballs now will everyone subscribe, no.

But this will help your overall channel and bottom line. Step 1 and 4 will be huge on deciding if viewed from other social networks will wanna connect.

And that’s your content and your branding.


It takes a lot of consistent effort to grow a channel but those who decide to start and stick with it will see results.

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My gift to you Happy Holidays!

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