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Good morning gang.

You already know it’s JHCO here to bring you satisfaction and a whole lotta action. In this post 5 reasons you should start a YouTube channel.

If you didn’t know gang I started going hard on YouTube January 2021 today we have about 3k subscribers.

It’s incredible what we’ve been able to do in such short time, if you subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel and watch what I’m doing you can receive these YouTube checks as well.

Let’s Go!

5 Reasons To Start YouTube

1. It’s free your initial investment is your time and creativity that it takes to make something or talk about things your passionate about.

I promise you the things you do on regular basis is interesting to other people lives and they will subscribe and watch you daily.

2. Your upside is huge vs downside you have opportunity to create a second stream of income while building your brand or business.

The downside is you get 0 views, 0 subscribers and waste your time. The upside is you can make a name for yourself or business and change your life and people that subscribed to you.

3. YouTube channels are easy to maintain and scale all it takes is some consistency and a little ingenuity anything is possible.

Now a days you don’t even have to put your face on the page you can make sport videos, celebrity drama basically anything they lol watch.

4. Jump in before the market is overly saturated. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago the next best time is now.

Don’t wait don’t hesitate this is your chance, if you need help getting started continue reading below.

5. Just get started your ability to work a few hours a day on project channel that could potentially change your life forever is risk worth taking.

The biggest risk is taking no risk at all.


The best time to start a channel was 10 years ago but the next best time is now. With the waves of social media and content creators. Why not you ?

Delay gratification and invest today for a better tomorrow. With that being said I’ve created a course that is launching in a few weeks, if you are interested in being mentored by me

Where basically I help you start, grow and monetize your channel fill out my contact form below and soon as our course is complete you will be the first to get exclusive access.

YouTube is media juggernaut that could soon equal Netflix in revenue.

Join pre-launch of my YouTube Course here

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