1. They don’t set goals.
  2. They blame others.
  3. They make excuses.
  4. They abuse credit cards.
  5. They can’t build savings.
  6. They didn’t set a budget.
  7. They try to impress others.
  8. They make impulse purchases.
  9. They have poor spending habits.
  10. They don’t invest in themselves.
  11. They finances aren’t organized.
  12. They spend more than they earn.
  13. They own stuff they can’t afford.
  14. They don’t know how to invest.

Avoid these financial mistakes to have a better life.

Affirmation: Every dollar that I circulate enriches the economy and comes back to me multiplied.


If you want to change your financial status you first have to change your financial psychology. You do this by renewing your mind and the way you think and use money.

Money is not to be spent its to be circulated. When you spend money you have no expectation to get it back, when you circulate it, you expect for it to come back multiplied. And guess what? It does.

Its all about your mindset with money , no lack there is abundance.

Thanks for your time if you got value like, comment and share. I want to know your financial psychology and what money problems you may be having comment below 🙂


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