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In today’s post, I share 10 tips to stay fit let’s go! With it being the new year there are a lot of you out there looking to look better and feel better but struggling on what to do. I compiled 10 tips to help you become the better version of you on this fitness journey.

10 Tips To Get Fit

1. Think FIT Fitness, Intensity, Time being healthy is a mindset, what comes to your mind when I say you need to be health-conscious. It means your thoughts are focused around predominately healthy thoughts to make you a happier and healthier person.

2. Drink Water you can never have too much water honestly as you read this you are possibly dehydrated which explains why you’ve been feeling the way you’ve been feeling. I challenge you to drink a whole bottle of water right now.

3. Take walks daily as it is the best form of exercise no matter if your advance or beginning you can never go wrong with a nice power walk to challenge your body and renew a fresh mindset.

4. Work out 3/4 a week to build muscle or to focus on losing weight. Working out is good for mental and physical reasons it can boost confidence, self-esteem, attraction, happiness, and challenges.

5. Stop smoking and drinking its killing you. Now im not saying don’t have a drink or puff cigar at times but consistently huffing and puffing away, or drinking until you act a fool is not cool.

6. Eat a balanced meal daily. And I’m not talking fast food you need the following protein, carbs, veggies, and supplements on this fitness journey.

Ex. (Steak, Broccoli, Sweet potato) (Chicken, rice, salad) (salmon, asparagus, mash potatoes)

7. Stay motivated, a kid said to me one day Mr. Jalen motivation doesn’t last; I said: “neither does bathing that’s why we recommend it every day.”

8. Get a coach they can provide support in so many ways it’s unbelievable, this is also the best form of self-care and personal development as you are improving yourself, which will always be your best investment.

9. Drink Herbalife is a health and wellness supplement focused on making people happier and healthier. I’m now going into my 3rd year as Herbalife Distributor and the results I have achieved are incredible but we’re just getting started. Join My Team!

10. Never Give Up that’s what my aunt Sara would say. It’s true if something can go wrong it will, but it’s up to you to respond accordingly and professionally or just stay focused on the target and never give in and never give up.

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  1. I am surprised that Herbal life is stil around. Their products have been around for many years.

    1. Yessirrrr!!

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