Good morning millionaires. Successful people think differently, act differently and ultimately distinguish themselves from unsuccessful people by taking a distinctive path toward their goals.

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10 Things Successful Don’t Do

1. Don’t be average. Average is a formula for failure.

2. Don’t be a victim. The hard truth is that whiners and victims don’t attract or create success.

3. Don’t just make money, make a difference.

4. Don’t be negative. You will not have a successful life surrounded by negative people.

5. Don’t do less. Anyone that suggest to me to do less is not a real friend.

6. Don’t think small. Think big. There’s no reason to think small.

7. Don’t make excuses. You won’t get much done if you only grind on the days you feel good.

8. Don’t settle. Quit settling for reality and focus on your potential.

9. Don’t focus on the work. Focus on the target.

10. Don’t wait. Take massive action immediately.


There is power in knowing what you want to do. There is also power in knowing what not to do. Once you know what not to do you can move forward with full confidence that what your doing is going to be successful.

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