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You already know it’s JHCO here to bring you satisfaction and a whole lotta action. In today’s post, we talking about health and wellness and I’m sharing my top tips why every man should work out let’s go!


I first started working out about 5 years ago at age of 23 and it has completely changed my life. The reason I started training was for a foolish reason when I was born one of my legs was longer than the other which made one extremely muscular. It made me very insecure and self-conscious I got made fun of a lot. But it never really stops me from excelling in sports.

I was still always the fastest, most athletic, and unstoppable. It’s a strange phenomenon as a young boy my mental was also strong I was a deep thinker analyzing my thoughts and what others thought about me. This self-consciousness drove me to want to fix my imbalances. One thing I realized in training you can’t fix what God meant to be crooked. So here are the top 10 tips I learn on my fitness journey thus far.

10 Reasons Every Man Must Workout

1.Health and vitality are key and without them, nothing else matters. You can have all the money and women in the world but if your body doesn’t work properly or perform how you see fit then the latter is irrelevant.

2. Being a man is strength and when you work out you become stronger in return you become a better and stronger man. In the gym, you will achieve this mental and physical strength.

3. Confidence is everything in a man because you are the leader in your family. No one trusts or follows the timid, not even his own wife or kids. Man up hit the gym and boost your confidence.

4. Happiness is key what’s the point of living life if you are not happy living it. One way men can become happier is by working toward a goal yet attained.

In the gym you’re seeking to look better, feel better or do better this makes you happier by default. Not because you achieve the goal it’s the work you put in to achieve it that brings about happiness.

5. Your physical attraction levels will be off the grid. Women will literally throw themselves at you, yesterday I walked outside with no shirt and this lady sent her friend to tell me, ” when I come out with no shirt on she starts drooling” lol. All I could do is smile and I walk back into the house with overwhelming confidence.

6. You will have peak performance in and out of the bedroom your stamina and physical abilities will allow you to soar over the competition. Or in the bedroom, you will last longer or get her to climax sooner with your nice bod.

7. Working out is a Testosterone booster which by default makes you manlier, aggressive, and desired by the opposite sex or attracts other men that wanna be like you or look up to you.

8. Opportunities will come that you never expected being fit is appealing to other men and the opposite sex.

9. Your mission needs you to be in top shape to do God’s work and to make sure you complete the mission your mind and body need to be in peak shape. Your family also looks up to you and will copy what you do, so why not steer them in the right direction.

10. Strength grows out of struggle and that’s exactly what you’ll get in life a lot of struggles, letdowns, and going to the gym have allowed me to persevere through some of the darkest days of my life. It help me see the light and it will do the same for you.

The universe will bless you with strength, perseverance, and mental toughness. All characteristics that attract your ultimate desires.


I have over 100s tips on why every man must work out but these are some of the strongest motivations for me. One thing I always believe if you stay ready you don’t have to get ready.

That’s for war as well if your enemies ever decide to attack you’re going to make them pay with brute force because you hit the gym you trained you were ready.

The woman that you ultimately decide to marry will love and adore you knowing that she got her a high-value strong man with an edge that other women wanna sleep with.

The most important reason of all your mission is the reason God put you on earth to do his will. To impact people’s lives with your skills, talents, and abilities, you will need to be in the best shape of your life.

There is no testimony without a test. Realize if you’re going through it keep growing God gives his toughest battles to his strongest warrior God’s Warrior.

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