A man is great not because he hasn’t failed; a man is great because failure hasn’t stopped him.

Conquer or Be Conquered

Nature often pummels aspiring men and women with adversity in order to find who among us will get up and make another go for it. Those who make the grade are people of destiny, programmed to serve as leaders of importance in today’s world.

The next time you encounter failure, remember that every failure and adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit. Begin to recognize that seed, and plant it through action. You may discover that there is no such reality as failure until you accept it as such!

When I read this list in Think and Grow Rich a Black Choice I recognized a few of them I was effected by. I believe an enemy known is enemy half whooped.

Top 10 causes of failure

  1. Lack of definite purpose, goal, or chief aim.
  2. Lack of ambition to move past mediocrity.
  3. A negative mental attitude.
  4. Lack of self discipline.
  5. Lack of vision and imagination sufficient to recognize favorable opportunities.
  6. The use of race, sex, or circumstances as a reason for inactivity.
  7. Lack of belief in the existence of infinite intelligence.
  8. Ill health.
  9. Lack of persistence in carrying through to finish that which you start, unwillingness to go the extra mile or render service; the habit of running away from unpleasant circumstances instead of mastering them.
  10. The desire to get something for nothing.


Failure usually affects people in one of two ways: It serves as a challenge to greater effort, or it subdues and discourages you from trying again. The majority of people give up hope and quit at the first sign of adversity, even before it over takes them.

Don’t be most people. Make the grade! Those who pick themselves up after defeat and keep on trying arrive. The Hidden Guide lets no one enjoy great achievement without passing the persistence test.

Those who cant take it simply don’t make the grade, but if you can stand the pain and embarrassment and get back up and begin again more intelligently.

You are destined for success. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

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