Good day millionaires, check out this quick list of 10 habits of successful people. How many of these are you living?

Cristiano Ronaldo

They take action immediately. If it’s worth doing, do it now.

Hit targets! Never reduce a target and do whatever is necessary to achieve it.

Keep statistic on vital. If it’s important measure it. What get measured get accomplished.

80/20 Rule. Says 20% has to pay for the 80% that doesn’t.

Make decisions quickly. Yes or No, not maybe.

BSU! Beat Sun Up. Get an early start on the day.

Repeat successful actions, double down on what works.

Cut out the nonsense. Remove activities that doesn’t reward you.

Acknowledge strangers. They have your money.

Be courageous. Reach for the moon even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.


Choose 3 of the available 10 habits of successful people and comment below which one your going to adopt. To become more successful.

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